The Best Things I Read on the Internet This Week – October 31

by robinhardwick

The Curse of ‘Crash’: The Narratives That Doom Oscar Movies [Grantland]

The legacy of [Kernel Magazine]

Ginger Snaps The Menstrual Horror Movie Of Your Dreams [The Toast]

Why Middle-Class Americans Can’t Afford to Live in Liberal Cities [The Atlantic]

In Defense of an Unlikable Protagonist, When the Unlikable Protagonist is Yourself [The Hairpin]

Why Alex Ross Perry’s LISTEN UP PHILIP Is the Kindest Movie You’ll See All Year [Press Play]

Against the Grain [New Yorker]

The Uber of Gentleman Companions [Matter]

Attention, #NaNoWriMo Fans: No One Cares How Your F***ing Novel Is Going [New Statesman]

What I Learned About Privilege by Joining a Frat [New York Magazine]

Giving Up the Ghost [Walrus Magazine]