‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ season finale recap: $100 Million Dollar Listing

by robinhardwick

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Season 7 | Episode 12 | “Crossroads” | Aired Nov 5, 2014

Josh Flagg, of course, is still mourning the death of his grandmother, Edith Flagg. He knows Edith would want him to keep working, but Josh’s heart is still not in it. He is at a point where he can barely talk about her without tearing up, which makes me tear up. How is it possible this show is going to make me cry?

Josh feels he can no longer be at the house he owns with Colton, because his grandmother never liked that house. I am sure Josh would feel outside himself any place he stays. But he does decide to move to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where I am sure he will be quite comfortable. Colton is not in this episode too much, but he seems to be there for Josh as best he can. (Still wishing and…

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