Consumption Junction


L.A. Plays Itself: A three-hour documentary analyzing how Los Angeles has been portrayed in film since the dawn of film, including the “accurate” ways and insulting ways. It includes key landmarks that are used in more films than you think, including the Bradbury Building. It feeds my obsession with Los Angeles, as well as armchair film analysis.

Stuck: A film based on an incident in which a woman hit a homeless man with her car while on ecstasy, but proceeded to drive home with him in the windshield, leaving him to die in the garage overnight. Played like a mediocre Lifetime movie at best. Also, Mena Suvari cannot pull off cornrows.

The ABCs of Death 2: A horor anthology where 26 directors each direct a short based on a letter of the alphabet. ¬†I felt the original ABCs of Death had more inventive stuff overall, but the standouts for this one was by far the last one, called ‘Zygote’.

Bound By Flesh: A documentary about the Hilton sisters, conjoined twins who were exploited during the Vaudeville era. A nice companion to American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Listen Up, Phillip!: Jason Schwartzman plays an insufferable egotistic author and the people in his life suffer from it. It’s interesting in the way the mundane character studies can be. ¬†Elizabeth Moss is in it, so you know it’s got indie cred.