Fraternity Absurdity

End Fraternities:

A supporter of the fraternity system, who agrees that the issue of rape at fraternities must be addressed, might argue for some nebulous idea of “reform.” But why wait? Why let the slow churn of bureaucracy eventually produce something that might, at the very least, better help women after they have already been raped?

Why not, instead, eradicate the source of so many of these assaults in the first place, and why not do it immediately? Why not use the upcoming spring semester—and the subsequent summer—to wash our hands of fraternities? Why not significantly reduce the number of rapists and rape victims in our next round of incoming freshmen?

Schools who have “Greek Life administrators” are just fooling themselves. They are enabling the problem. No school needs to provide any support or permission for these organizations. Many think that keeping them closer is better than having them run amok in their own. Any support is condoning behavior.

I don’t believe any school should condone any group that is (1) gender-restricted (2) requires approval of membership (except for groups based on a tangible, demonstrative skill, like a performance group) (3) statistically known to promote sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, racist parties and hazing at an astronomical rate as compared to general college populations and (4) Keeps students snuggled safely in a homogeneous, privileged social bubble.

So colleges lose money. They lose alumni support. Those are not worth the garbage humans these organizations produce. You were in a fraternity sorority and had a great experience? Good for you. I don’t care about individual anecdotes that mean nothing to the big picture.