Bob Odenkirk hates improv.

by robinhardwick

Well, hate is not the right word. But he laments the fact that the market is getting too saturated, along with sketch comedy. I would agree that sketch comedy is getting worse because there are only an infinite amount of ideas that can be done, and we’re reaching the limit.

Odenkirk says he doesn’t discount improv as an art form, but he does doubt whether having thousands of trained performers “yes, and”-ing each other in an ouroboro of positive reinforcement and/or dentist-office scenarios will produce anything of any lasting merit. “Improvisation is a lot of fun, but a lot of the joy of improvisation is purely in the moment, is purely for the performers and the audience in the moment of discovery and the moment of execution,” he says. “Beyond that, its impact diminishes swiftly.”

-The A.V. Club

He does say that comedians should focus more on longer form stories with actual stakes and depth of character. I think recent “comedic” movies have achieved this, like Bridemaids and 21 Jum Street, with real characters to root for and not just fart jokes.

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