Best Writing of the Year

by robinhardwick


Some of the best stuff I read this year that wasn’t pop culture.

The Dark Power of Fraternities [The Atlantic]

Generation Wuss [Vanity Fair]

The Case for Reparations [The Atlantic]

Why White Privilege Is Not The Problem [The Federalist]

The Culture of Shut Up [The Atlantic]

Confessions of a Failed Writer [Vice]

US man finds lost mother in an isolated Amazon tribe [NY Post]

Why I Feel Bad For – And Understand – The Angry #GamerGate Gamers [Badass Digest]

What Does It Mean to Teach for America [Vox]

On Kindness [Matter]

“Douchebag”: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For [Gawker]

Escape From Jonestown [Longreads]

Ask Polly: My Life Is A Beige Pointless Hellscape![The Awl]