Music Video Monday: Goodnight Radio

by robinhardwick

Today’s video is technically a clip from a short film called Curfew. If you’ve heard of it, it’s because it won the Oscar for best live short. The reason I love it, is because the film was directed and written by Shawn Christensen, who is the singer of one of my favorite bands ever, Stellastarr*. They came about in New York City in the early aughts, and haven’t released an album from 2009.

Come to find out, he has now made the short film in a feature length film called Before I Disappear, which I watched last night, and one of the standout pieces in both is the bowling alley scene where the song plays. It was also written by Christensen under the name Goodnight Radio. Obviously it sounds like a Stellastarr* song, so I am pleased. It also sounds like a really good Cure song. Also, I would commit murder for Stellstarr* to release another album.

Here’s the full song: