And thus starts my fiction career.

by robinhardwick

I want to write fiction. I have great ideas, but I’m in that situation where I don’t know how to put it on paper. However, something inspired me about an idea to write about so intensely it’s like a narcissist miracle. On the Reading Aloud Podcast, I was reminded of this great article by my one and only true writing god, Chuck Klosterman:

This soliloquy leads into the bubbling bass intro of ”It’s So Easy,” the angriest three minutes on ”Appetite for Destruction.” Girls begin crawling onstage to dance on top of the amplifiers, and the band couldn’t be happier. Ultimately, this is why they do this: onstage, they’re paying tribute to the music of Guns N’ Roses, but deep down they’re paying tribute to the Guns N’ Roses lifestyle. They’re totally willing to become other people, just so long as those other people party all the time, live like gypsies and have pretty girls dancing on their amplifiers. This is why guys create rock bands; Paradise City just created somebody else’s.

So, look forward to my anthology of short stories coming in 2024.