Music Video Monday: Duran Duran

by robinhardwick

A View To A Kill Opening Title Seque3nce HD   YouTube

This week’s episode of How Did This Get Made? discussed A View To a Kill. I am not very familiar with James Bond Films, nor do I seek them out. However, this one intrigued me because the titular Duran Duran hit is such a perfectly crafted pop song, and is the “ultimate” Duran Duran song, in that is showcases all the hallmarks of why Duran Duran is awesome.

The reason the film was on the podcast is because it’s terrible. Such a contrast to the opening credits, which I am absolutely obsessed with. So eighties, so blatantly campy.

A View To A Kill Opening Title Se2quence HD   YouTube

Watch here:

Then…there’s the Duran Duran video. The eighties were a time when songs from soundtracks made videos that tied into the film. Duran Duran went into it being silly. The result is cringe-worthy.There’s a van with a rotating chair. Why doesn’t the screen just rotate?

There’s a surveilance van with a rotating chair. Why doesn’t the screen just rotate?



Simon LeBon wears a beret (it is France, after all), and his Walkmen is really a detonating device for the helicopter. We know this because it says “helicopter”.

Duran Duran  A View To A K2ill   YouTube

Meanwhile, badly animated cameras are floating everywhere:

Duran Duran  A View 1To A Kill   YouTube

John Taylor and his hot fucking self pretends to be a tourist, but it turns out (okay this is actually cool) the telescope turns into a machine gun.

There’s an accordian player with a secret detonation button on his accordian. We know this because it is red.

Duran Dura2n  A View To A Kill   YouTube

The most cringey moment is at the end, when someone stops Simon and says “Aren’t you Simon LeBon?” “No,” he replies. “I’m Bond. Simon Bond.” Then he mugs for the camera:

Duran Duran  A View To A Kill   Yo3uTube

Oh god, Who thought this was a good idea. Duran Duran are not funny. Sexpots, yes. Stop trying to be funny and just make sexy videos about hunting in the jungle.

Watch it in its awfulness here: