Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick

Here’s the films I watched this week:


LIFE PARTNERS: There needs to be more films like this, (1) about female friendships, which are way more complicated than most and (2) films about ordinary, everyday people and about daily lives. Didnt do well with the critics. I loved it. Especially Beth Dover.


THE SKELETON TWINS: You’d think I’d like a movie about depressed siblings with a complicated relationship. I wish I liked it more.


LOCKE: Tom Hardy taking phone calls in his car for 90 minutes. Ambitious to make this a film, but still interesting.


THE BABADOOK: I’m not even sure I am ready to talk about this, as it has bothered me and stayed with me for several days. The supernatural horror element is scary, but the metaphor is presents is even more frightening. It’s saying a lot when I find a film scary.