Best Stuff I Read on The Internet This Week, December 26

by robinhardwick

Justine Sacco Is Good at Her Job, and How I Came To Peace With Her [Gawker]

Accusers and the Accused, Crossing Paths at Columbia University [New York Times]

Pam and Tommy [Rolling Stone]

The Rape Accusations Against Bill Cosby Must Not Be Ignored [The Atlantic]

This Is What Developing Acute Schizophrenia Feels Like [Vice]

Martin Brest Directed Beverly Hills Cop and Midnight Run. Then He Vanished [Playboy]

Against Domesticity [The Toast]

Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500 [Buzzfeed]

The Ultimate ‘Serial’ Think Piece, Written by Someone Who Has Never Listened to ‘Serial’ [Grantland]