‘Vanderpump Rules’ recap: What happens in San Diego doesn’t stay there

by robinhardwick

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Season 3 | Episode 9 | “What Happens in San Diego” | AiredDec 29, 2014

We’re due for a scandalous vacation in this season of Vanderpump Rules, and this week it arrives as a guys’ weekend in San Diego. The two Toms, Jax, and Peter (Sur manager), get hooked up with a free hotel suite courtesy of Jax’s girlfriend, Tiffany. The irony of that will soon be apparent. Lucky for you, I got my hands on their travel itinerary:


10 a.m.: Four grown men plus all their luggage leave in Tom Schwartz’s Mini Cooper. They gossip like teenagers and overanalyze Jax’s coffee date with Vail, the new girl at Sur. Did she tweet about it? Did Jax tweet about it? Does it matter?

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