Best Stuff I Read on The Internet This Week, January 9

by robinhardwick

Is Social Media Ruining Comedy? [The New Yorker]

‘Chris Harrison Is One of the Smoothest Motherf—ers I’ve Ever Met’ [GQ]

Being a “Difficult” Woman on TV and the Refreshing Brilliance of ‘The Comeback’ [Splitsider]

I’m terrified that he’ll inherit my brokenness: Living through postpartum depression as a dad [Salon]

The Troll’s Lawyer [Medium]

‘Downton Abbey’ Has Finally Become the Soap Opera Its Critics Always Said It Was [Flavorwire]

Great Advice from Gabe and Jane [Matter]

To The Office With Love [New York Magazine]

Former ‘Onion’ editor: Freedom of speech cannot be killed [MSNBC]

Oscar Films and the Prison of Historical Accuracy [Vulture]

Carrie Brownstein: Fill in the Blank [Past Magazine]