Stuff I Read on the Internet This Week January 16

by robinhardwick


The Internet is for scorn [The Dissolve]

Leave GIRLS Alone [Gothamist]

I Get Older, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Stays the Same [Grantland]

These L.A. Comedians Are Turning Their Women’s Basketball League Into a Phenomenon [LA Weekly]

Why You Should Watch the Straight-Married Gays of My Husband’s Not Gay [Morning After]

The Oscars Continue to Slight Women’s Stories. Just Look at Wild. [Slate]

The Failure of Bystander Intervention [The New Inquiry]

Terrorism Works [Gawker]

The ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack and the Awkward Truths About Our Fetish for ‘Free Speech’ [Vice]

Patton Oswalt fans and how to outrage properly [Free Thought Blogs]