Consumption Junction

by robinhardwick

Been writing (such artiste!) and working (such capitalism!) lately, so not much media consumed. Here’s some stuff though:


Wetlands was supposedly a really gross, really nsfw film, and I suppose there was some taboo topics, but really it was a non-traditional coming of age tale. Well filmed, well-acted, and a handsome male lead named Robin. I hate when men are named Robin. Let’s not dive into that.

And then there’s the new HBO series, Togetherness, produced and written and directed and starring and jerked off by The Duplass brothers. I guess if everything you do is mediocre it adds up to something great? Why do we need another show about a functional upper-class white family living in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry? It’s like Transparent without the trans parent. I watched three episodes though.

I’ve added another podcast to my collection of obsessions: it’s called The Worst Idea Of All Time, and it’s two (charming) comedians from New Zealand who watch and review Grown Ups 2 every week.  It’s like a podcast version of Room 237. It often turns esoteric and questions the nature of art. I’m sad it’s almost over (they’ve committed to doing a year.)

Also saw Interstellar. I don’t want to talk about it.

Here’s my current media to-do list:

Fishing With John

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night