Force Majeure (2014): The Avalanche doesn’t look so controlled

by robinhardwick

The Unwatchables

Force Majeure may be a film Stanley Kubrick directed would he be alive. Of course, that’s a bold claim. Let me settle on someone who is trying to mimic Kubrick would make. And mimic well.

The modern ski resort in the Swiss Alps has the architectural coldness of the Overlook Hotel, even more so. The vast hotel with the endless open hallways and doors with a number. Like the Shining, this is a story of fatherhood and manhood. The family we follow is beautiful. Tomas and Ebba are young, in shape, and well-dressed. Their children are the children you see in paintings. There’s a coldness about them, but that just may be their Scandinavian nature.

During an outdoor lunch, a controlled avalanche hurls towards the deck, seemingly ready to destroy everyone. Tomas grabs his phone and runs, while Ebba stays to protect the children. It’s just the dust from the…

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