‘Vanderpump Rules’ fan recap: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

by robinhardwick

EW Community

Season 3 | Episode 17 | “Jax Cracks” | Aired Feb 22, 2015

“Kristen’s trying to win the Pulitzer Prize for cheating journalism.” —Stassi

We all know Lisa Vanderpump has trapped us all in her alternate dimension, where she is the puppet master of these unsuspecting attractive people and manipulates their world for her own amusement. This, the penultimate episode of Vanderpump Rules, dear readers, has made me realize that she has now trapped us. We’re in a never-ending cycle of characters repeating behavior, forced to watch them make the same mistakes.

It’s like there’s some sort of code behind this, some M. Night Shamaylan ending, where we realize the trees are killing people—or, in this case, Kristen is really a ghost, haunting everyone else in the pursuit of this concept of “truth and honesty.” This is a concept she’ll haunt us with until her spirit is avenged.

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