Great Stuff I Read On the Internet This Week, March 6

by robinhardwick

What scares the new atheists [The Guardian]

Is Bay Area Boom Driving Up Cost of Therapy? [KQED]

We’ve Over-Complicated Motherhood Because We Don’t Like It [The Federalist]

Priced Out Why I Can No Longer Afford a Career in Writing [The Toast]

The Night My Girlfriend Dissociated and Forgot Who I Was [Vice]

‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All: Another Enchanted Evening of Hand-to-Hand Combat [Grantland]

Scenes From The Movie Foxcatcher, If It Were Actually About Mark Ruffalo And Channing Tatum Catching Foxes [The Toast]

A Eulogy for Harris [Medium]

‘SNL’s Uneasy Relationship with Twitter and Online Critics [Splitsider]

‘A Taste of Power’ The Woman Who Led the Black Panther Party [Longreads]

“I Was Just Kidding!”: Offensive Humor and the Benefit of the Doubt [Splitsider]

How Joan Rivers Got That Way [The New Yorker]

The Exhibitionist [The New Republic]