Consumption Junction: Mail Order Brides


Mail-order Brides are like the hottest documentary subject these days. A new one is called Love Me which chronicles several men who have decided to use a website/matchmaking company to meet women from the Ukraine.

Mail-order bride is a misnomer, because with the internet, it’s not needed. But this company is making BANK because they charge for every message you send, and they translate the message. They also arrange a “love tour” where they set up socials for men all over the Ukraine and Russia. THat must cost at least 15,000.

I wouldn’t call the men pathetic. All in all, why is it such a weird idea? As long as no one is being exploited, go for it. And I can sort of understand the motivation of these women: they can get married and move to America and live a better life. There’s a lot of room for deceit as well, and several of the men can’t tell if they are being tricked or not.

There is the weird thing about these men proposing to these women so quickly when they literally can’t talk to them without a translator.

I think “mail-order brides” have been added to my list of favorite social phenomenons, right up there with kidnapping, cults, serial killer, and child beauty pageants.